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Sep. 16th, 2017 02:03 pm
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I fell off the writing bandwagon, or at least, I've convinced myself I have- I do remember editing a few bits here and there, but for about three weeks I was going at a good clip even if I was bouncing between six or seven different stories (and occasionally new ones, whoops.) But then these last two, it's just been pecking at one or two here and there. So progress has been made, just as not much as I want!

I've been listening to Court Junkie, another good true crime podcast and it's less on the salacious retelling of the actual murder/crime side and more about the court proceedings. For some reasons the true crime podcasts, even the humor ones, seem a lot more tasteful that shows from the Investigate channel? It's hard to explain, but I just watched one about women who kill and the reenactments were just... bad, the framing and the shots felt fetishy, and while even podcast hosts can fall into ableism, it's not coupled with other things that give me cause for double take. Fewer chances to make me roll my eyes, I guess? XD


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